Kodak Tri-x 400

Finally! I managed to find some time for myself to actually scan these in and start to upload them. Its been one busy month since I came back from Prague and the worse part is, it's not over yet. I have more work coming up and to compound the problems, my own personal projects are behind schedule!

Anyway, that is another story for another day. Right now I managed to trade some of my Neopan 400 for some Kodak Tri-x 400. I have heard many great things about Tri-x so I was excited to see how it works especially now that I have managed to fix the problems I was having with using Kodak HC-110 developer.

So what do I think of this famous B&W film? Read on, more after the break……

The first thing I noted as with all B&W I have used so far, is the lack of contrast. It could be very well due to how I seem to shoot base on the metering instead of relaying on my own guessimation.

Or it could be because I seem to develop strictly following the ISO speed I shot. Unless it's night shots, I use box speed unlike the Pudu market exhibition I was recently part of at the print room.

Grain is very fine though the jury is till out on the sharpness because I am using my Epson scanner instead of printing them using an enlarger.

Another thing I discovered while using my Epson scanner, Digital ICE cannot be used for B&W film. Only color negatives and color positive stand to benefit from Digital ICE. So do expect some dust on my shots here…

I've noticed that Tri-x needs to be pushed 0.3 EV+ to really help push the contrast just to the right level. Still, it's good enough that I bought 10 more rolls of it especially with an upcoming long oversea assignment.


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