Super Gt 2012 Sepang Malaysia (Racequeen)

Right, I know this is long overdue so here it is, the review for Super GT 2012 Sepang.

Taking place at sepang on the same weekend as AFA Malaysia 2012. So what did I do? I went to Sepang on Saturday then went to AFAM on Sunday.

Was it worth the time and effort? Well for one thing, thanks to Fuminari, I got free tickets for Super GT 2012 so there’s a plus but as expected, it wasn’t worth the effort this year as well.

This year, the pitwalk time was more than 1 hour. Spent less than 45 minutes then left because I managed to get what I wanted.

The crowd was still as just as big but for some reason, it didn’t feel as fun. Something was missing….. Oh wait, I know, the fact that only Fumi and I were the only Rojak members here this time may have something to do with that. It just wasn’t fun without the whole gang being there. To top it off, the heat was god awful as usual but luckily I have managed to overcome all my previous problems regarding the heat.

The ladies this year were pretty okay but it was a pretty small number again.

Though there was a silver lining this in this very dark cloud, Yuuna and Noa are back again this year!

QB? There are no lolis here. All the lolis are at PWTC……

With that, concludes this year’s Super Gt 2012…..

4 thoughts on “Super Gt 2012 Sepang Malaysia (Racequeen)

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