Bangkok Motorshow 2012

I know this is LONG overdue but here are all the shots I took for the Bangkok Motorshow 2012!

I had a great time with my friends and the show was spectacular!

While there I found that Bangkok is a wonderful place to photograph as well! Note to self,   stay a few more days instead instead of just a weekend romp for the motorshow…..

Anyway, more photos after the break~~~~




Were there many people? YES, dear Heaven! The place was packed! All the cars were fantastic and CHEAP! When compared to the Proton crap selling at home, these were a steal! And the babes are nice too~!!



This event was a car modders dream heaven!

There were also errrr, dance performances?

More reasons why Malaysian photographers prefer to go to events overseas……


With that, concludes Bangkok Motorshow 2012!

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