Asia Festival Anime Malaysia 2012

Here is my belated report. This AFA is rather special because it is also the first time that it was held in Malaysia and just in time because it also falls on the same weekend as Super GT and sadly I only went to Sepang on Saturday. As for AFA, I only went for the Sunday show.

There were many stalls and events but I only stayed for a bit in the morning because I had an urgent call so I left early but I did come back later that evening for Sea*A and Kotoko~! ^_^

The event was being held at PWTC and hopefully it will be again next year~!

Here we have Danny Choo's booth along with Mirai itasha.

And already the line had formed for entry to both the maid and butler cafe.

But lo and behold! It was Evangel first in line! His reason? Absolutely unimportant! It was maid cafe, that's reason enough for him~~!

“Pull on my finger!”

I predict in another year, I'll be buying one of these dollfie and my transformation into doll nut will be complete!

Like AFA in Singapore, there were a lot of stalls for bargains or deals but a last, I'm short on cash so I had to skip on buying any figures this time.

Although other people didn't seem to have this problem.

Yes, Miku in Super GT, that also reminds me, I need to upload that report as well..


Ah yes, the thing I love to shoot about! If only I hadn't been called away I could have shot more. So please enjoy what I have….

Oh crap! Don't look into his eyes!!!

Figure report:

Some of the latest figure to have yet to be released were also shown along with popular ones were on display as well~!




And sadly, that concludes this year's AFA report in Malaysia for 2012.


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