Travel to Prague and back.

Here is the flight from Malaysia to Dubai airport. It was a 2am flight which I hate the most but the PM was a cheapass and would not allow any better booking.

Right I’m finally back since last Thursday but because I’ve been busy, I’ve only managed to upload these photos since I’m home sick instead of being at work. Had I not been sick, I would have still be at work but instead doing nothing because my work notebook has finally given up the ghost and it would take until tomorrow to have it up and running at least…

Anyway, how was my Prague trip? Well it was fun during the weekend but the flight there was horrible because once again I was traveling on Emirates airlines which means a stopover at Dubai airport again for a few freaking hours.

The flight reached Dubai at 4:50am Dubai time. So it was another long wait before my connecting flight to Prague at 10:10am….six hours of waiting doing nothing.

The only good thing about the flight from Dubai to Prague was that it wasn’t as packed as the flight from Malaysia to Dubai but still not anymore comfortable.

After 6 hour of flying, I was finally in Prague.

Then after getting into the taxi and after another 45 minutes taxi ride. I quickly checked into the hotel.

The room isn’t bad because of it’s balcony view but the one thing that strikes me as odd is why there is a white pole in my room? I half heartedly expected it to be some sort of escape out I can used down to the ground floor during an emergency where the bottom part is going to open up.


After unpacking, I quickly threw together a light gear set to locate where is the client’s office located since I was told it would be within walking distance. I would need to be there before 9:30am tomorrow.

Though that also means I would also have to physically meet that dirty disgusting rat bastard PM. There is absolutely no need for the PM to be on site but I suspect this rat has some ulterior motives which were later confirmed and promptly had his plans crushed and flushed down the toilet by me (heheheeheh).

Here is a pano view of the city from my balcony

So after finding where the office was, I quickly cameback and went to sleep at 6pm and found myself wide awake at 4am where the run was already rising over the horizon as you can see here.

To make a long story short, I went to work on time though I was a bit late because maggot rat PM was taking his sweet time trying to wake up and eat his breakfast and needed to guide the fool to the office and had to get us past security because the idiot forgot the name of the client’s contact. Essentially this one week was basically taking care of his useless ass while he pretended to be important. He was basically parroting everything I said to the client and changing the words he didn’t understand with ones he could make up like “Configulization”. Typical moron PM….

Anyway, I found out that he was planning to fly to Berlin for the weekend while he had us working on weekends to meet “his deadline” but I informed him if I did come into the office, so would he. The looked on his face was scary when I said that as it contorted to something so terrible it was like I had just killed his mother or killed a cow (he’s indian). At that time I didn’t know he had plans to secretly fly to Berlin, but I made sure not to give him a  no confirmation on working on weekend working until the last bloody second where it was too late to book his plane tickets. It seems he also had forgotten his RSA key so his notebook was just a huge piece of paperweight.

But anyway, my partner had arrived before the weekend and so we went around Prague for sightseeing. That I shot using my Nikon Fm3a with Nikkor 28mm f/2.8. Wanted to see if my street shooting skills have improved since my trip to Cyprus and the many times I’ve gone to Pudu market for an upcoming project. Will post the photos once they are developed and scanned.

Like all shit storm though, it finally came to an end (although that PM wanted us to stay another week but I had my own personally holiday coming up. The bastard tried to cancel my leave but he then realized that I was from Malaysia and not India hence he couldn’t forcefully cancel it, he did try to intimidate me but here is the thing, he needs me more than I need him so I managed to use fear as my greatest tool against him. The bastard soon realized I wasn’t some lowly paid indian intern he could bully around. Luckily my Team leader and resource manager backed me up on this.)

So it was time to fly back, the flight from Prague to Dubai was incredibly tiresome as there was technical problems while the plane was on the runway and I had nightmares about it being just like my first return trip from Cyprus where we were stucked on the plane for over 6 hours because we had to make an unexpected landing in Singapore just shy 5 minutes of KL because of wind turbulence. But it was only for 2 hours and we were on hour way. Still there were other problems, which required me to move my seating up front because the guy beside was dead sick and needed the space to sleep. I was glad to be away from that guy because he literally smelled like death.

At the Dubai airport, the gate was not yet open so we found some seats and tried to get some sleep but when we woke up, we realized the gate would be closing in 30 minutes!! Quickly we rushed to the gate but when I handed my boarding pass to the counter, the guy promptly tore it up after a few minutes of looking at the screen! I was shocked! I though what the hell had he done?! How am I going to get home now?!

Suddenly, he printed me a new ticket and on it, was the word “BUSINESS” instead of economy. I had just been upgraded to business class because the plane was overbooked! Businees class on A380!

Our flight seems was packed because a lot of people were returning from performing the Haj or something.

Business class was freaking SWEET! I have never been in it and just my luck to get bumped up for the longest part of the journey home!!!

Here is the seat and that reclined into a bed…

Lamb chop with Moet or spaghetti with a glass of Bailey? Decisions, decisions…..

The bar itself was pretty loaded but you could have them mixed anything you could think of

The flight was wonderful and I managed to get a good night sleep ever on a plane. By the time I woke up all fresh and peppy, it was landing time and after that I was on my way home.

4 thoughts on “Travel to Prague and back.

  1. I hate economy class, especially on long flights. I’m just glad that I’m small enough to be able to actually curl up in my seat; I know most people can’t do that. It was nice that they bumped you up to business class though. I’ve been told that they always try to bump up someone who looks professional if they have to, so I always try to dress nice when I travel.

    • Odd, I figure economy class had only one size (namely, painful size) regardless of how small a person it. I would think that there really isn’t a way a person can enjoy economy

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