Asia Festival Anime Malaysia 2012

Here is my belated report. This AFA is rather special because it is also the first time that it was held in Malaysia and just in time because it also falls on the same weekend as Super GT and sadly I only went to Sepang on Saturday. As for AFA, I only went for the Sunday show.

There were many stalls and events but I only stayed for a bit in the morning because I had an urgent call so I left early but I did come back later that evening for Sea*A and Kotoko~! ^_^

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Travel to Prague and back.

Here is the flight from Malaysia to Dubai airport. It was a 2am flight which I hate the most but the PM was a cheapass and would not allow any better booking.

Right I’m finally back since last Thursday but because I’ve been busy, I’ve only managed to upload these photos since I’m home sick instead of being at work. Had I not been sick, I would have still be at work but instead doing nothing because my work notebook has finally given up the ghost and it would take until tomorrow to have it up and running at least…

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