Seeing 2 sides of the same photo from the same person.

A funny thing happen to me last night, well actually it started a week ago when I downloaded my latest copy of American Photo from Zinio.

In it there was an article about Harry Benson, the famous photographer and his time photographing the Beatles.
There he talked about how at first he was reluctant to do a shoot about a pop group and instead wanted to cover the headline stories of independence in Kenya. Obvious to say, he was disappointed at first but things got better later on. Give the article a read if you’re interested. But I digress, the main reason I brought this up because here in this article, he mentioned it was his most famous photos, the Beatles pillow fight after finding out that they were the number one in the USA for the first time. He also mentioned that it was a good picture, nothing more.

Getting back to the main part of the story, I was looking through my newest purchase from Kino called “Age of silver” and I came across an article on Harry Benson.

Sorry about the crappy shots as I was using my iPad and didn’t bother to get my DSLR. Here is the article on Harry Benson, in it he talked about his famous shot of the Beatles.

This time though, he talked about it in much better light than he did in the American Photo article. Now saying it dramatically changed how he worked with Celebrities and about unguarded moments that sort of things. Another funny thing he mentioned, that only after the manager had left did he suggested to them to have a pillow fight and so behold is how we have that famous shot today. There is nothing wrong with that but I found myself thinking, in one article I had seen the printed photo and here instead I am looking at the negative. I probably wouldn’t have printed the photo if I was just looking at the negatives. I guess that’s way it’s important to make contact sheets so you can see all at once what are the good shots.

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