Sirigiya, Sri Lanka

Here we have the obligatory guy trying to play Atlas lifting up the rock....

I finally managed to find the time to scan in the photos using my new Epson V700 and work on these photos! All taken using Fujifilm trebi 100c. While requiring some work to get right but I think I’ve managed to get the work flow just about correct now.

Here are the shots I took during the weekend while I was in Sri Lanka for work and decided to visit the biggest tourist trap there, namely  Sirigiya, entry cost about USD30 and then additional Sri Lanka Rupiah 1000 for an English speaking guide.

It was at least a 4 hours drives from Colombo. The taxi ride cost about USD270 from the Hilton hotel in Colombo which includes both ways, so it wasn’t so bad.

The view up there was absolutely beautiful! Breathtaking literally because by the time I was up there, I was totally out of breath from the climb up! The heat that day didn't make it any better either!

How high was the place? See that distance place in this photo? That was the starting point, and the shot this was taken was barely up the hill.

If you plan to hike up during the noon heat, be sure to bring plenty of water because it's gonna get tiring.

The workmanship left by the great crafter are simply amazing! It should be noted that these were painted high up on the wall back then with no scaffolding but instead the artist were suspended from the side with ropes, if they fell.....well let's just say they wouldn't be collecting their next paycheck.
Word to the wise, if you are afraid of heights, better try not to look down while checking these paintings out......

Though I remember the guide saying these were painted like the Mona Lisa? I have never seen the Mona Lisa in person so I cannot comment on whether that is true or not.





The view from the top was pretty sweet.


Here are some shots from other locations visited before going to Sirigiya


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