Many new happenings

Yes I know I haven’t blogged in a while but things have been very busy since I came back from Sri Lanka and I’ve been trying up to finish my personal projects along with scanning film. So let’s begin each item.

Replacing my old scanner
Sadly I’ve had to retire my old canoscan 8800F scanner because the unit wasn’t able to scan as well it once did back in 2007~2009. Colors started to degrade and I discovered that some of the color negatives I uploaded looked bad not because of the color development or technique, it was the scanner.

This was verified when I took some of the negatives to be printed and they looked alright. I even rescanned some of my color positive film during the good years and the results looked nothing like it did before even after updating the software and after much tweaking.
 Next I began the task of looking for a replacement, though the main problem with any purchase choice would have to depend on whether or not I  could find it, my choice was the Epson V700. Luckily, after searching I managed to find it easily! Although there was some problems after the initial purchase.

Because I live in Malaysia, humidity makes it very easy for fungus to grow and in my excitement to bring it home and try it out, I neglected to do the most important step of any purchase in Malaysia, check it out. What happen next was when I opened it up, the whole glass bed in the scanner was infested with fungus!! It was like looking into an oversized petri dish left out in the open for over a week!

The fungus was on the underside of the glass making it  impossible to clean it up without opening up the unit. So the next day the shop was kind enough to do a 1:1 exchange (although they initially doubted that it was a serious problem tilled they reached their hand over to try and clean it). Though this took a day since they had to bring it another unit from a different branch.

But that wasn’t the end of my problems, next came the software, specifically none of them were new and working with snow leopard. Luckily a quick search at Epson yielded the updated drivers as well as the epson scanning software. Though the Silverfast presented more problems but luckily I was entitled to a free upgrade to the latest version and all I had to do was provide them with a digital copy of my receipt and lo behold! Everything was now working!

So far all my preliminary scanning of negatives, slide and even black & white film have been very promising! I will have to rescan most of the negs I have done so far to see whether or not the poor quality pics I have been getting were due to the old scanner. But from my test scans so far, that seems to have been the case so my prejudice against negative may have been unfounded. We will see later once I have redone most of the scans later.

New changes at work
Well, nothing new except they called us in yesterday into the meeting room where one fo the big shots from HQ overseas then told us that due to cost cutting measures (now where have I heard that before?), there was going to be a retrenchment though those in the room right now were exempted. Even so, but you could feel the atmosphere tense up when we realized that many people were not there and we were to remain in the room while “their goons” removed the other staff. I remember when I was retrenched back at Runge, the feeling was pretty bad. The way they treated us, they only sought to remove us after lunch after working half a day and wanted out of the office as fast as possible but what I remember most was while the admin was very amicable about it, still being polite and respectful, there was this guy sent over the HQ in Australia who treated with absolute contempt.

But I digress, so now with even more projects coming in, and even less workforce to deal with it. The coming months will be very difficult, and to make it worse, it seems there will be no increment for the next few  years due to cost cutting but our duty will be doubled up because the Malaysia branch is deemed underutilized. Geez why don’t they get rid of the useless India branch them? There are over 300 of them and none of the know how to do anything along with their project managers, not once did I ever get any worthwhile assistance from them working on projects understaken by their branch! We ended up doing all the work because of their lack of skills.

Going to Bangkok!
Yes! I even turned down and offer to go onsite for an assignement just to go to Bangkok this year! I gave it up last year for training but like the Oans said to the the anti-monitor in the Sinestro war! “I am absent NO MORE!”  “ahem, sorry. Got a little carried away…” Yes I am going to Bangkok today with Rojak studio and will be back on Sunday! Personally I wish I could have taken another day off but their are projects at work looming so a balance has to be maintained, namely my funtime and paying job.

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