Back from Sri Lanka!

I'm finally back from Sri Lanka! Actually I'v been back since Saturday but I've been unwinding from the assignment since and only found the time today to make an entry about!

So did I have a good time? No, it was a business trip. The word fun and work never goes well together, never try to marry them. It always ends up in a messy divorce.

How was the trip then? Well for starters, the flight to Sri Lanka was delayed for 2 freaking hours! The good thing though that my team leader had a business lounge membership at KLIA so we waited in style as you can see from the photo here.

The flight was rather boring. I spent the whole trip just reading on my ipad. Soon we landed at Colombo.

The hotel we checked into wasn't too bad. Room service was good especially the nights we didn't go out for dinner and instead stayed in.


the view from that room was okay. Did I go out anywhere else? Only the following weekend but kinda regret it because it was just one big tourist trap. I'll upload the photos once I have the time, this trip was strictly work and only work.

2 thoughts on “Back from Sri Lanka!

  1. I often hear people say that business trips are horrible, even though they’re going to places that people like me would love to visit. I guess if you don’t have the chance to go out, it doesn’t really count as having been there.

    • Yeah, you’re right. It really stinks! I rather pay for my own way and enjoy it however I so see it.

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