Happy Chinese New Year 2012!

Here’s to another Chinese New year! To top it off! It’s the year of the Dragon! That is right! The freaking dragon! Which means either good news or bad news. Either way, we cannot let our guard down, les we be eaten by those of the dragon or we lose sight of our prey for those of the dragon!

So what have I been doing? Oh the usual, flying home to my hometown in the middle of my work and since it’s like a big steaming pile of dung, it’ll be stinkier by the time I get back and actually work on it. Sleeping, and more sleeping. Once can never have too much sleep.

I hope everyone is having a a great time as they usher in the Chinese New Year, besides it’s a good reason to drunk and be happy about without breaking any new year resolution.

My journey home this time was actually pretty good! No screaming babies this time! Either everyone decided to hold off having kids during the year of the rabbit or they already went back by the time I took the late flight home to Labuan.  Though I predict nightmare next year as people bring back the “dragon babies” to their hometowns.

Anyway, to all my Chinese friends,

GONG XI FATT CHOI!!!!!!! (Angpow gia lai! for those who are married!) hahaahahaahahah!

To those who are single, “See? Being single ain’t so bad! You still get ang pow! While married people have to start dishing it out!”.


3 thoughts on “Happy Chinese New Year 2012!


    I wish we get holidays for Chinese New Year in Canada. It kinda sucks that there’s so many festivities and I’m stuck at work all day.

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