Happy New year 2012!

Now I know I’m late in posting this but I was just sleeping off 2011 and kinda overdid it. So once again, another year comes to a close and as we welcome another new one 2012. I bet everyone had a fun night on the end of 2011? Me? Zip, just stayed in and had dinner with my family. So let’s recap with 2011

January to April

Was jobless from November 2010 till March 2011. It was pretty boring except for a CNY and a Rei figure shooting. In March I had finally found another job. At first it felt like another mundane desk monkey duty, I spent most of it rewriting manuals and doing minor tests. But surprisingly, they were willing to invest in their employees and so I was sent off to Cyprus for a 2 weeks training course though that didn’t mean it was a cakewalk as I had exams and tests to complete and I literally hit the ground running when I came back. But as a result, I had to cancel all my plans to go to Bangkok for the Motorshow with studio rojak.

May to July

Now this period was rough, I remember spending most of my bloody time carrying out even more tiresome regression tests by hand instead of using some sort of test harness. Had I thought the assignments been tough with their short 3 days period for each of the 3 assignments, this was nausea inducing at best.

But fortunately, I had my own things to do by scanning in all my film while at the same time reworking how I stored data on my imac .

Then in June, it was that time of the year again, Super GT 2011! And this year we managed to score a media pass! Finally, after all these years! But sadly, at the same time, the quality of the queens were evidently in much great decline.

Then after coming back from that, it was back to newer assignments! I had the chance to work on…..(drumroll!)…..tech support (crap!) and the company ban all non-essential company internet activity (the only thing we could access was the major news websites). But fortunately, one caveat was discovered initially, while personal notebooks or netbooks were banned but tablets were not yet included so lo and behold! I went and got one. Although a month after that, the company banned tablets in the end XD.

During that time, I only reviewed 1/7 Rin Tohsaka figure.

August to December

Now August was really dry, it was right after Super GT and Bon odori 2011 which I didn’t go because of work. I think all I did was just work, this lasted until October as if to re-state itself as the month of Halloween, the world lost great men, Steve Jobs and  Dennis M. Ritchie.

After that, something happen at work. There was a major restructuring, as a result I was literally shifted around teams and groups every few weeks as management were trying ideas. As a result, I spent October till December doing absolutely nothing. I kept pestering my manager about this and I must have annoyed her so much that she sent me and a friend again to Cyprus for advance security training since no one had the knowledge here. Luckily this time, there wouldn’t be any assignments nor exams.

In November though, there was AFA11! My friend and I had a good time especially at the Miku concert.  The events were great and the cosplay were beautiful! I also wanted to attend the final event of the year Comic Fiesta 2011 but it fell on the very weekend I came back from my overseas training, I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it.

So what did I do after that? Well because I still had a lot of leave left, I decided to take them till the new year which brings us to this entry. I’ll be heading back to work on the 3rd of January and hopefully to a better year.

Happy new year!

4 thoughts on “Happy New year 2012!

  1. Aww work. I can relate to that since work really eats up your time. At least you went to a lot of fun events like Super GT and AFA! 😀

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