1/4 Nanoha Takamachi Swimsuit Ver. PVC by Good smile company

I'll be honest, I don't really like the idea of buying reissues so whenever a figure I want completely sells out, usually the only other way to get a copy is to wait for one to show up on the second hand market. It has something to do with my mentality of getting the first one, that being said it really stinks up whenever I found out after searching how and low for something, I later find that the company has made a reissues, it totally invalidates all my previous effort and sort of cheapens the figure I spent so much trying to acquire.....

Oh I’m not like one of those collectors who never open up their figures and hopes to make some profit value later through the higher resale value, I actually take them out and displays them or for photo shooting because I love the craftsmanship that’s gone into these figures and not just their rarity. Hence why  when a company make a reissues of a previous hot selling figure, I stop looking for the figure and never again because now everyone will have one (pretentious isn’t it?). But once is a while a reissues does come along I simply MUST have regardless, so many I’m not so pretentious after all and maybe I’m just like everyone else, and that is I want that figure as well! So imagine my realization of this fact when I placed a pre-order for the Nanoha swimsuit by good smile when I had previously missed it the first time, even knowing it was just a reissue.

Anyway, regardless of what I think or did, the figure arrived a while ago and I only managed to get down and shoot it during the long holidays.

and here we have her, the Ace of aces!!! in all splendor of a swimsuit!


added some warmer light.

The workmanship and coloring on this is spot on except for one wrinkle I'll point out later on.

As you can see, the defect on her hair. While not a game breaker but still it annoys me. Though I figure it would have happened sooner or later where I would get a defect with some defect on it via mail order. The return has already pass so I guess I should have checked it sooner. Still the figure is very good.

Close up of the figure

So overall, I'm pretty happen with this figure even though it's a reissue. Another thing, this figure is 38cm tall so if you're going to display it in the detolf cabinet, then you'll need to one of the panels to make way for her.

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