Journey to Cyprus (11th ~ 16th December 2011)

The flight to Cyprus was packed as expected. Here is after we landed at Dubai international airport. The only really I hate about is that we need to go through security checking again even though we are just transferring. What followed was another 3 hours wait until our flight to Cyprus. 


I’m skipping ahead here, the flight was relatively empty but that didn’t mean the flight wasn’t tiresome. We haven’t slept in over 10 hours, there were some sparodic dozing off but that was soon interrupt by sudden jolts of the plane. I dread to think of the trip back from Cyprus which if I remember correctly is much much worse than going there. 


Here we have first class. Come next time I’m going to use up all my accumulated frequent flyer points and upgrade! No more economy! My friend almost had a bad run in with some fat guy who was so huge, that he needed 2 seats just to fit in but he had only paid for one. Luckily fat man’s friend was willing to swap place with my friend so he didn’t have to sit next to the blob (he was that fat, while managed to eventually fit into one seat but all his fat was oozing out of the chair.) 


Trying out the 105mm f/1.8 I recently traded in for. This lens is sweet! 



By the time we took off it was morning.  



After we landed at the airport at larnaca, cyprus 


After going through customs and picking up our luggage, we then met up with the company assigned driver and went on our way to Nicosia. The weather was nice and chilly and to top it off the sky was absolutely beautiful. Not a cloud could be seen. 


This time we would be staying at a different place which was much closer to the office and the few was much nicer. 


The apartment was definitely bigger and nicer this time around.  



The kitchen 


There were 2 toilets but only one of them was for showering.


Here’s my room. Didn’t take a shot of the other bedroom.



After unpacking, I went straight away to connect the cable modem to my wireless router. I had some concerns that it wouldn’t work, as it always has been with such experimental setups. Lucky for me it did work as planned, so now we both had wireless we can access using our own tablets.


The view from the balcony.


After that, as usual we went out to stock up on basic supplies.


Afterwords we rested up for tomorrow’s training. The following week, we didn’t really go out after work and do anything until Saturday. The flight back would be 8pm, the taxi would come and pick us up at 4:30pm. So after packing we had some time to kill and decided to finally go around town. For me, it would the second time through. But I didn’t mind since it was a beautiful sunny day.





Nothing has changed since my last visit, not that I would like something changed. The place has it own classy charm. If we had more time, I could have planned a nice visit to agie napa or maybe another visit to troodoos but we were on the clock and didn’t have time to book anything due to our hectic schedule. 

So I end this short trip to Cyprus with a pano shot I made of the view during sunrise. Enjoy! I could have posted up the shots sooner but as I mentioned earlier, I had forgotten the mini USB cable.

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