Return to normality with a twist.

I’m finally back from Cyprus. It was rather uneventful since it was only a week long training. I barely shot off 3 rolls of film and didn’t go anywhere this time.  
I’ll upload the photos tonight (the ones I took digitally) which reminds me, I need to look into getting an iPad to compact flash connection to avoid the same problem of forgetting the USB to mini USB cable.  
I’ve got heaps of things to work on before the end of the year and the fact I have to take all my annual leave before 2012 since I can’t carry over it means I have even less time it finish all my work as a result.  
On the bright side while I was away a certain package arrived from Tokyo and I have a nice long holiday week coming up so I’ll be using the time to catchup on some figure reviews as well as my new project.  

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