Mistakes and lessons while traveling

I try and always be a person that is prepared by planning for a lot of possibilities especially when going to a foreign country. I brought a wireless router to share out the Internet because the apartments I always stayed in only has cable modem. I brought proper winter clothing. I brought medication for any sickness. I even brought the camera connection kit for my iPad so I could upload my photos from my D700 online just as I did for Singapore back in November. But did you know what I forget to bring when I was unpacking?  


Battery charger? No, have that here.  

Spare film? No, have that here too.  

Underwear? What do you take me for? An idiot?  

Passport? I wouldn’t even have gotten pass immigration had I forgotten that…..  

No seriously, I wouldn’t forgot something that important, instead I had forgotten the simplest of things.  


I forgotten the very cable that connects my D700 to the USB port supplied by the camera connection kit for my iPad hence I cannot upload any photos! Fortunately it’s just a mini USB cable to normal USB, I’ll see if IT at the office has one I can borrow or else it’ll be just like my last time here with film.  


So until then, it’ll only be iPad photos or nothing.  

4 thoughts on “Mistakes and lessons while traveling

  1. Haha. A fellow traveller I met during my Japan trip faced the same problem. However, he packed light, so he had an excuse. For myself, I made sure that cables are packed in two days before setting off.

    • Had I forgotten my camera, I would probably be nominated as idiot of the year XD. Then what the h*ll have been so heavy in my bag!? Hahahahahahah.

      On the matter of the USB cable…..I’ve been to a few shops and they only have USB extenders! Damnit it.

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