I’ll be traveling to Cyprus.

I’ll be on my way to Cyprus by the time you read this. It’ll only be for a week since it’s for work related training. There are no projects pending until early next year anyway. Hopefully this training will help get some good projects for next year and none of the so-so stuff I worked on so far but with so many projects coming in and so few of us available, I may not have the choice of which project I get to work on since it’s up to the top brass to decide.
As a result, I’ll be missing this year’s Comic Fiesta in KL especially the fact that they’ll have Shimokawa Mikuni and Ceui there but those are the breaks since I need to earn money.
Once again, I’m not too sure about whether or not I’ll have Internet connection in the apartment where I’ll be staying and we can forget about the company Internet since they’ve practically locked out everything except CNN and Reuters. I’ll be bringing my iPad for this trip again but assume that I’ll be out of contact since wireless access is even more limited than wired access except for SMS.
As for photo gear, I’ll be bringing
1. Nikon F6/D700 
2. Nikkor 17-35mm 
3. Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G AF-S 
4. Nikkor 105mm f/1.8 AI-S (new toy to play with!) 
6. Six rolls of film (2 neopan 400, 2 portra 400 and 2 rolls of Ektar)
I doubt I’ll have any chance of shooting anything interesting considering the short week but heck, it can’t hurt to be at least minimally prepared for something to shoot. After all, weird things have happened before. On the bright side, I’ll be traveling with a senior who is also going for the same training so the trip won’t be so boring.
Looking at the weather forecast, it seems I can expect something akin to winter like weather so I’ll be bringing my winter wear for this trip.

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