AFA 2011 Day 3 (Event + cosplay report)

Let’s go straight to the main points of today, Cosplay, Cosplay and MORE cosplay! Yesterday, I already attended all the events I wanted! So now today is just getting loot from the exhibits as well as focus on the cosplays!! And boy I was not disappointed!

Although we did check out the cool japan forum but found that Mirai inc.....err....empty?

Moving on!! Itasha!!

Next we have the cutest Victorique de Blois from gosick! Some of you may remember this cosplayer from yesterday when she cosplayed as Madoka!

Here is a screen cap from the anime..........

This cosplay even came with her signature pipe!

Too bad I took way too many photos of her thus violating a code of shooting. I was going to be executed by firing squad!


Cosplayers were literally out in full force today!


I wish there had been more Mugi cosplayers!!



A bit of fun here


The crowd was growing....


That reminds me, I need to finish Arkham city....


Meanwhile back at the dollfie booth...



At the anime movie


Soon it was time for the regional cosplay championship!

Sadly, I didn't get a good seat and instead stood at the far back!

Here we have team Indonesia with Kamen rider Kiva!


Team Malaysia!

Team Singapore! with Stardiver!

Team Thailand with FF13!


Team Philippines with Dissidia!


But ultimately there could only be one winner! And that's team Philippines!!

3 thoughts on “AFA 2011 Day 3 (Event + cosplay report)

  1. That one cosplayer looks better as Victorique than Madoka. One of the things I find different about asia is that people don’t mind sitting on the floor when waiting in line. No one here would ever do that.

  2. Oooo! Victorique! Did you catch the other Victorique? The one with the silver hair and in her wedding dress during the last episode! XD.

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