AFA 2011 day 2 (event + cosplay report)

Today’s event was just as awesome except now all the exhibits were open as well as the main stage events! The crowd was even bigger than yesterday’s one. It would still be a while before the doors open so instead we went around checking out the cosplay scene and let me this is one of the best years’ yet

though I must admit there were problems later regarding the poor lighting there. I had previously mentioned last year the same problem but to make it worse this year, it looks like Singapore’s electronic goods fair was also going on in the other hall as well as a biomedical expo on the floor below. Significantly reducing working space so a lot of people had to make do with whatever area they could find.  

This may have been the case but that sure didn't stop me from making the best of a bad situation.


Soon it was time to make our way into the hall and find goodies to buy!!


Even inside, we found some great cosplayers!


Some dollfies we found in the dollfie booth! Here we have Saber!



But soon it was time for Danny's presentation and frankly I wouldn't miss it ever!


What I do like about his presentation is that he's never short on material!


I must admit though, I was a bit taken back when he started on the topic of risk. Though it wasn't like one of the many talks given by my manager at work regarding blah blah thing that I usually tune out. Though at least the way it was presented was funny.


He also shared with us on his many trials of life...


As well as his love for crossdressing....wait...that can be right, (flips through notes taken) no...totally! Wrong!


Here we see Mirai taking a whack at him for stealing her outfit just now.


But first! The latest on Mirai centric products!


This was followed by an actual on stage performance by vivdblaze!!!

Next was followed by preview clips about the March 11 earthquakes as well as the devastation caused by the Tsunami that followed. I didn’t take any photos because it felt so quiet that I had actually thought the sound of shutter would be heard. It was reminder that of the great tragedy that day and how much of the recovery is still on-going even after so many months. But it also showed the resilience the Japanese people and the kindness of others who reached out to help.  
After that, it was a showcase of the new Fate/Zero series by producer Atsuhiro Iwakami and an on stage performance by Lisa. At that point, all recordings were not allowed. we stayed until the next part, at 12:50pm The bushiroad cardfight, it was an okay event but I wish they made an effort to fully explain the mechanics even with that anime short about how to play the game but it left a number of questions (I’m a former, Pokemon, Magic the gathering, Yugioh, and Mage knight player so it matters to me), though we didn’t stay long because of lunch.  

After lunch, it was back to cosplay shooting because by the time we got back to the stage, all sitting seats were gone so we decided on passing the event and check out the booths instead!


Let it not be said that I only take photos of girls, I am an equal opportunist when it comes to cosplay!


But damnit! The lighting was giving me a headache!


But for crying loud! Stand together and mean it! It took some directing but I managed to get them to stand like this together. For some reason these 2 were rather fidgety around each other.


Speaking of robot cosplays, did anyone else see that Cybuster Cosplay? I was sure it would have entered into the single cosplay competition.


For this shot, I literally had to leave my flash on the ground.


Next, we moved on to taking figure shots!


Here we have Menmar!


By this time, the biomedical conference was okay so it was opened to cosplayers.


Here I found an awesome garage kit! It's too bad that it's for another customer, I would like such a nice fine piece in my collection!


2 thoughts on “AFA 2011 day 2 (event + cosplay report)

  1. I think the first cosplayer looks the best. It sounds like Danny Choo’s talk was really popular, I wonder what the chances of him coming to Canada to give a talk are.

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