Finally here in Singapore!

I’m finally here in Singapore. The flight was alright although the toilets in the waiting area weren’t working at the airasia airport aka lcct.

Also the hotel(Parkview hotel)I booked this year is actually pretty good except for the fact that they demand full payment (minus tax) upon booking even though their website states it’s only upon first checking in when full payment is then made. There’s also an additional tax that paid upon first checking in instead of already including the amount when I first booked but I prefer to look on the bright side as the hotel is pretty decent and is heaps bigger than the one I stayed in last year. Another benefit is that it’s only 5 minutes from Suntec convention center!T

Though their Internet charges were really high, so I opt to instead subscribed to maxis bridged unlimited data roaming for 3 days priced at RM88. Initially the speed was total bollocks and barely moved but later that evening after coming back from Suntec, the speed really picked up! And I mean fast! The only worry I have now is that I still keep getting SMSes from maxis saying that my quote for my Malaysia data plan has been exceeded and I will be billed for every megabytes I surf hereafter. I’ve been assured that since I’ve subscribed to the maxis bridged unlimited data roaming plan that any data surfing I do wouldn’t affect my Malaysian data plan and I won’t be billed for it except for the RM88. I really hope so as I don’t want to imagine the amount I have to pay if that is not the case.

Oh before I end this entry, I would like to mention that I made a very interesting discovery about the subway food chain in Singapore, they have port bacons as one of the things you can add to your sub!!! Damnit it was awesome even though the sub of the day was tuna! Nothing can make a dish any better when compared to adding port bacon! We don’t have such a thing in Malaysia since it’s a Muslim country where port is ban from from being served except for Chinese eateries.

2 thoughts on “Finally here in Singapore!

  1. It’s good that the hotel you stayed with this time was bigger than last year. I actually stayed in a room that was even smaller than that when I went to Hong Kong.

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