AFA 2011 day 1 (event + cosplay report)

After getting myself settled in and my friend from Penang arrived fashionably late :D, we then made our way to suntec convention center.

We figured since we were relatively early and there wasn’t even a line yet for the tickets that we go do some cosplay photo shooting first.  So here are the only ones I saw that day.

Here we have something different. Dolfies!

Soon it we figure it was time to pick up the tickets……..I think everyone who went there had a hard time with sistic’s weird ticket pickup policy without a doubt, you see they had 2 lines. Even though we had paid extra to pick up our VIP passes at the convention, what they neglected to tell us was that each days we had to pick up the concert tickets before we would get the AFA tickets for for the following in a different queue. But here is the thing, since we had paid extra to pick it up at the convention instead of their office( which by the way was only across the street at millennium walk), we could only pick up the tickets one hour before the concert at 6pm, so imagine this, one hour before the concert we had to queue up once just to get the concert ticket for friday and then queuing up again in another line to redeem our AFA tickets for Saturday in another long queue. We decided to instead go to their office and just have them print up the tickets for all 3 days instead but lo and behold! The mistress of misery was waiting for us at the office when we’re told that the system for printing the tickets was broken and would only be fixed by tomorrow…….

But don’t worry, this story ends well. After that we went back to waiting the line for the hatsune miku concert then made the horrible wait at the redemption, and finally reaching the counter (after being stuck in the line for over 2 hours), we were pleasantly surprised to find that the lady at the counter issuing all the tickets and AFA tickets for all 3 day along to us with no extra fuss! I think they realized their original plans was not practical considering the size of the place and the number of people. But damn, we barely made it into the concert by then.

Anyway, the concert great! The crowd was fantastic but as always we weren’t allowed to take any photos or video of the actually event but here are some pre-concert shots of the crowd and hall.

you may not see it from this photos but later on the VIP tickets were packed to the rim!. Here you can also see the screen on which miku would be displayed on! I was told by a guy sitting named Joseph that in previous concerts, it was just a giant black background instead of this weekend and the quality was much poorer then. Fans had complained about it and it seemed they have improved the system.

Soon the concert started and that concludes today’s report. More tommorrow!

2 thoughts on “AFA 2011 day 1 (event + cosplay report)

  1. I really wish I could’ve gone to Singapore during AFA, at least to see the Miku concert. This is the downside of living halfway around the world 😦

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