Anime Festival Asia 2011

Right,as some of you may already know, tomorrow’s is the start of AFA11. It’s the second final event of the year for me! I’ll be flying off tomorrow and will be back next week and hopefully will have lots of stuff to blog about!
The good thing about this year’s event is that there are twice the number of events and artists there this year, the bad thing for me though is that JAM project is not there this year but that still won’t stop me from having fun!!!!
And let’s not forget about the cosplay and movies showing there! It’ll be the biggest anime event in this region!!

Though there is one silver lining, for the first time in southeast Asia, Miku 3D live will be there!!

So for those who are also going there! I’ll see you there!! I’ll have the report up as soon as I can!

2 thoughts on “Anime Festival Asia 2011

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