Kodak portra 400 new version 2010


I finally had the opportunity to scan them in and work on them. I had a lot of initial problems scanning them in using the default canon scanner software even though Kodak claimed that this film was designed specifically for scanning instead of printing.



To make things worse, I couldn’t tell if the photos was in proper focus or not when I took it since most of the photos looked out of focus yet other photos taken using the same camera and lens with different films were okay except for this and some ilford but that is another story.

Another possibility is because I’ve only started to use the F6 frequently and I maybe not shooting it correctly. For now I’ll consider the out of focus problem as a lack of practice so until then, I’ll have to rely on sharpening via photoshop.

There are other stuff I’m still working out and I suspect it could that the shop I go to for E6 development are not very good at C41 development. I’ll try somewhere else for the next batch of C41 development.



anyway, one thing I’ve realized shooting with this film, it’s strictly not a landscape film. The grain is not very friendly here but then there could be a number of reasons why this is so. But for the time being, if I’m shooting landscapes, I’ll stick to Ektar as a safe bet.


though when used for anything else, the grain is okay. Fuminari here.


otherwise the film scan pretty well but time will tell as I use it more.


this is one of the shots that made me question about whether or not my techniques is the problem as the original was not in focus at all and I had to sharpen it after scanning it in. Anyway, focus aside the color is pretty creamy here.

overall, this film of Rin looks actually better than the one I took with my D700 here


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