Happy Halloween~~~~! 2011!

Happy Halloween! and to answer the next question! Yes I have NOT been busy, just haven’t had anything to blog about since my last entry but I hope to change that by November!  You all know what that means! So stay tune as I have some new material to blog about soon!

Anyway, like last year! It’s time for Halloween and for you ghost and ghouls to come out of the wood works and go hunting for candy! Sadly we don’t have that here but heck! At least it’s happening somewhere else in the world so this entry is not a total waste!

I had intended to do this entry early this morning but you know what? It had totally slip my mind as I’m messing with Vuescan which by the way is an awesome scanning software especially for film!

What have I really been up to? Well so far I’ve just been working on shooting more photos using film (I can hear all the digital shooter condemning me for switching over to film most of the time now). I haven’t abandon digital, it still has a place especially when it comes to events and unpredictable situations. The only reason I’m using mostly film these days is because I’ve been getting back to basics to try and refine my skills and not trying to be a film snob.

So far the experience has been very eye opening though whether or not it will really help improve my skills beyond the current slump I’m in has yet to be seen.  Anyway, enjoy tonight !


The death of the language maker..

Dennis M. Ritchie (September 9, 1941 – October 12, 2011)

Another great engineer of the computing world has once again passed away. This time it’s Dennis M. Ritchie whose work have enabled the possible creation of today’s modern software and in fact can be considered the Homo Saipiens aka modern man of computer languages but let’s not forget this other work namely Unix. The grandfather of all Linux operating system flavor that which we all depend on today to run all the massive servers that keep modern society going.

Sadly I only found out about his death just this morning but he had already passed away on the 12th. I guess his death didn’t warrant the same media attention as Steve jobs. But any programmer worth his weight in salt would definitely know who Dennis M. Ritchie is and how his work had paved the way for the modern software world.

I fondly remember how I studied c programming back when I was in secondary school and how i desperately searched for any book on programming languages, I only found bits and pieces because Labuan was a rathole where books on anything technological was as rare as pure gold. So I only managed to find it after reaching university and even though I was very familiar with c programming at that point but I still found it a wonderful book to read as it shows how elegant the c language was and how it truly put the power of the computer at the hands of the software developer without using mnemonic as it were with assembly language. Now this was a great man whose work had greatly enriched my life…..

You will greatly be missed though your passing has been a quiet event but know this, many of your life works are the foundation of today’s modern software.

The death of an icon maker….

Rest in peace oh great sage. Most people would remember as the man who herald a new age of computing, as the man who gave what the people wanted, the man who set a new standard for others to follow but I remember him as the man who after being usurped from his seat of great authority returned to his kingdom and struck those who had done him great wrong and begun building a great empire.

It is sad that you have left us but know this, you have made your mark on this age and I hope your legacy will live on. You left us too soon but a last, even great men must have their rest. So rest in peace oh great sage.