Magical girl lyrical Nanoha: Takamachi Nanoha school uniform by Alter

When I first saw this go up for preorder at play-Asia, I knew instantly I had to have her in my collection! No, I’m not a lolikon! Though this is rather different from the usual figures I have collected as it’s modest figure but that is what makes me want it even more!

It’s not to say the figure is very unappealing but to me it somehow captures the ideal that she believes in as well as the gentleness that is Nanoha’s personality. Another reason why I love this figure so much is because it doesn’t try to make her look sexy or anything like that common in anime but it manages to shows that under all that firepower is a sweet girl looking to make the world a better place (through sheer fire power! Hahaha)

Alright enough gushing about this figure, let’s get into the finer details! The workmanship is very good, as it should be since it’s by Alter.

The figures comes with many bits such as an extra head where the hair down, 2 sets of hair clips (the white one and the black one from Fate). It also includes raging/rising heart both in amulet form or assembled form along with an extra left hand to hold the assembled staff form. As an added bonus there, Yunno in ferret form is also part of the set.

The pose is just nice and the paint work is simply perfect! No imperfections that I can see and the shoes have a nice glossy finish to them.

So would I recommend this figure? Well if you prefer the grown up version of Nanoha then maybe no. But if your a hardcore Nanoha fan then I say go for it!

6 thoughts on “Magical girl lyrical Nanoha: Takamachi Nanoha school uniform by Alter

  1. Having two heads available is great for anyone that prefers one hairstyle over the other. I would’ve thought Yuuno would be bigger compared to Nanoha. Since she’s only 10 years old, a ferret should stand up a bit higher compared to her. Overall, Nanoha looks sweet, but I prefer her in her battle costume rather than school uniform.

    • but that’s the thing! I rarely seen her in this outfit! It’s so sweet and innocent. Many people see her as a strong figure but I see her as someone who is trying to live her life but cannot stand to see suffering hence why I like her character.

      • or to put it another way, it captures another time before she became the ace of aces!! XD

    • I used to have one but I left because smugmug offered a better deal than flickr and it was very hard to get my work noticed on deviantart

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