Ipad 2 and travel shooters

Enjoying my ipad 2

Yes, I finally broke down and bought an ipad 2. I ordered the wifi 64gig version online as stores were constantly sold out, an added bonus when ordering online is free laser etching on the back and free DHL shipping~~!

But I’ll be honest for weeks I had literally daydream about how I use it to replace my notebook whenever I travelled, how I would be able to easily upload photos to smugmug and maybe even do some light editing and so, as well as buy online books and magazines which are cheaper, consume less space and better for the environment. So my expectations was that it would herald a new age of computing in my life.

But life doesn’t always turn out the way we hopefully expected….

When I first got my Ipad 2, I quickly connected to itunes and started to look for the needed apps and so fourth, after spending many hours I discovered some startling problems with the ipad 2’s design, it was very restrictive. There was no built-in file manager, you couldn’t connect external drives natively, in short a lot of things are missing if you want to make it a netbook or notebook replacement unit.

This somewhat made me depress, “Had I just made my first ever apple purchase mistake?”

“Why doesn’t this device seems to not meet any of my expectations at all like the other apple products I’ve bought before?!”

“Should I have gone for an android tablet instead?! At least I know I can connect a card reader, or an external drive and at least there is a file manager.”

These questions troubled my thoughts during the day at work and the more I thought about them the more I considered just jailbreaking the thing, by the way it’s not illegal and can be easily reverse without any side effects and you can still buy legal apps from itune. So why don’t I do it? I’m just simply amazed at how restrictive the device is especially with Apple’s rep or how unintuitive the device is upon first usage.

So I then decided to put fourth a challenge, I would spend the next weekend trying to get my ipad 2 up tow the way I want otherwise by Monday I would jail break It!

First I listed down what the device should be able to do to considered it up to meeting my requirements

1. Be able to import photos from my camera.

2. Buy magazines and read them on the ipad 2

3. Buy books and read them on the ipad 2

4. It should be able to able to upload photos to my smugmug account either via Safari or some other app.

5. It should be able to allow me to sort and catalogue my photos and so fourth.

So came the weekend and off I set fourth to complete these tasks.

1. Be able to import photos from my camera.

This was easily accomplished when I bought the camera connection kit . Get this if your camera uses SD cards BUT if your camera uses compact flash then get MIC card reader (I only found out about it later).

2. Buy magazines and read them on the ipad 2

This was easily accomplished with Zinio which a free app that allows you to buy either a single issue or subscribe to a year’s worth and it’s not only limited to english magazine but also magazines from other countries such as Japan and Taiwan.

3. Buy books and read them on the ipad 2

ibooks, enough said.

4. It should be able to able to upload photos to my smugmug account either via Safari or some other app.

Now this took a while because you cannot upload files using Safari because that would expose the file system to users so it took me a while to find anything. Even smugmug’s own app in the itune appstore doesn’t have the upload feature and was nothing more the a photo viewer.

Eventually I found Photosync which not only has the feature to upload photos to smugmug but also to other media storage sites and even FTP! That was definitely worth the USD2 I paid for it! Note: if you don’t have a smugmug account (if you want one then click on this link to get USD5 off your subscription price) and instead have other media websites like Flickr then only get the next tool because I only got this one for Smugmug. You’re better off Photogene which has built in export function to other services and even FTP.

Here you can either choose to upload all the photos on the ipad or the ones you selected

There are a lot more upload options and here is only a small portion of them.

It shows upload progress and etc

5. It should be able to allow me to sort and catalogue my photos and so fourth.

Didn’t really managed to find an app especially meant for cataloging but I did find Photogene . This is a very good photo editor and while it doesn’t have the fine touch of CS5 but for most purposes, it likes a simpler version of Lightroom combined with CS5 for the ipad. So what do you get for USD3?

It has some neat enhancing features.

and a feature which I find pretty useful, the speech bubble!

Now the reason why I said to not get Photosync if you didn

More retouching tools

Though if you are willing to spend another USD8, you can get the pro upgrade which offer other features like curves, jpeg compression control and even watermarking.

Pro only feature, curves

Pro only: watermarking.

With that I guess jail breaking was not needed after all since I managed to get my ipad up to the level I want. Coupled along with the fact I can use it to surf at free wifi places thanks to VPN. It’s now meets all my expectation but took a bit of work to get it there. But would I consider this a notebook or netbook replacement? Only time will tell now that I’ve managed to overcome a lot of the initial problems I faced.

2 thoughts on “Ipad 2 and travel shooters

  1. wew.. life is never easy.. I don’t think have a IPAD is good for me..
    If I have IPAD.. I will install Angry Bird and Play All day!?!

    thx for the writing.. this good if I wan’t to have IPAD

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