1/7 Tosaka Rin “Unlimited Blade works” by Good Smile Company

I finally have time to do a proper review of this figure and I’m so glad I spent the whole day doing the photo shoot properly. For those wondering when did I get this figure, refer to here. This figure so far in my opinion is well worth the extra effort although I couldn’t find a good background to shoot with it.

A little background on how I came by this figure, when it was first announced for pre-order I gave it a pass because I knew the price would be well out of my range but then a Hobby Search offered a 20% discount for it and I leaped for it and the rest as they say is history! So how much did I really save? When compared to local price of RM400, after conversion to Ringgit from Yen, I got the figure at Rm350 inclusive of shipping! So yeah! I really am glad I did get this one!

Though I do find one thing odd, most PVC figures comes in the usual sizes of 1/4, 1/6, 1/8, and some even in 1/12 but 1/7? Whatever the reason, the important thing is GSC did the figure justice!

The workmanship on the figure is fantastic! Every inch of the figure literally shines due to the nice glossy finish! The figure is base on the new Fate/Stay night movie "Unlimited blades" poster.

But first, the obligatory shot of the box! While made with regular cardboard but the artwork on it is simply marvelous! It by itself is a work of art! I want to meet the package designer!

The figure is just great! If I ever find a good background, I'm going to redo this shoot again!

A rear shot of the figure.

I tried to shoot from many different angle and they were okay but not really stood out to be shoot enough except front or side shots. So instead of just shooting from many angles, I to try something different. I still had the profile settings I did for black and white from Sepang and used it here. Note I did not take convert to black and white and shot directly using the monochrome setting on my camera.

5 thoughts on “1/7 Tosaka Rin “Unlimited Blade works” by Good Smile Company

  1. I like the detail.. I hope you zoom on the hand
    its like her clothes are like glued onto her skin haha
    and her skirt is so short, my sister made a comment to me, like why are the skirts sooo short, its like one more centimeter and you can see her ass lol and she is true actually i wonder why…
    you dont see that in the real world to you.. haha

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