Format 135 or 35mm is the ORIGINAL FULL FRAME!

I almost went berserk a few weeks ago while I was with my Nikon F6 and I bump across some other people doing photography as well. I can’t seem to forget the incident in which they were curious as to why I wasn’t chimping (preview the shot right after taking it). They assumed I was some master of photography and asked if they could see some of my shot and offer some pointers to them

I offered some tips on how to control the adjustments and compose for certain effects but when they asked to see some of my shots, I told them I was shooting film so no preview possible. The next few questions consisted of asking why I was shooting with film when the advent availability of so many digital cameras. To which replied that I only use film camera if I plan to shoot at my pace. This advise no doubt was simply ignored by them and chucked up to me being old fashion.

They then looked through my viewfinder and found it incredible wide (I was shooting with 17-35mm at 17mm hence their surprise). Asked what size of sensor I was using, at that point I knew they didn’t understand what I had said about 35mm and so fourth. I said it was 35mm full-frame.

“No kidding?! Film has full frame just like digital cameras?!” one of them exclaimed. I mentally facepalmed, more people who don’t really understand the minimal basics but I’ve been down this road before myself so I wasn’t so critical. At least I wanted to learn about everything I came across, these people on the other hand were another matter.

I said, “35mm is the original full frame that only now digital cameras have successfully managed to replicate on a mass-production scale…” wouldn’t you know it? They didn’t believe me as they insisted that 35mm copied digital technology because they had seen film canisters at APS-C (Yes there are such things but they were not as common as 135 format). I explained that film comes in many shape and sizes but their mindset were affixed to film copying digital and that it was really not that good when compared to the wonders of digital.

I managed to brush off the conversation as I wanted to enjoy my time instead of wasting it with their endless digital worship (I’m not a technical luddite, I actually work with some of today’s most cutting technology and I do also have my own digital Full frame). Had I brought my own full frame, I think the conversation would have gone like this instead.




Or something to that effect. I use to think like that but I soon broke out of that thinking and really wanted to improve my skills and still am. I realized I needed to slow down and train myself to think before I shoot and not simply hold down the shutter button and hope for the best. But IĀ digress, the light was not favorable anymore and I was on my way, while those people were still trying to shoot flowers and kept complaining that they didn’t look like they were taken on a beautiful clear blue sky spring day, it was dark and about to rain. Go figure with that type of mentality hoping their cameras can work wonders for them instead of them making wonders with their cameras.

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