Autocity Super GT Roadshow 2011

So here are my shots! The whole was fun, tiring and hot (not just the ladies but I mean real hot! It was 35 celsius during the day and 30 at night!).  To make it worse though, it rained but not long enough nor strong enough to really bring down the temperature, just enough to increase the humidity and make it twice as hot >_<;;

How big were the crowds? This BIG!

How many shooters were there? This MANY!

And here are the 2 main reasons why they came, well actually there are supposedly 3 reasons but we know infact they actually came for 1 reason. Confusing? Yes, you see there are 3 GT racequeens this year but only one of them is a real Japanese while the rest are local girls. Ayami is the only Japanese girl here this year. Hence most people came just to see her initially though the local girl is not bad looking either!

Here we have Ayami. She looks much slender this year than she was back in 2008

Here we have Wengli, she's the ....GT princess? A designation, I don't know how it came about so I'm just as perplexed by it.

Here is the second Race queen, Jillyne. I hope I got the spelling right.

And here they are on stage!

Of course the event also had 2 other pageant contest, here we have the ladies for miss GT. Whoever the winner, would be next year's GT princess.

And here we have the ladies for Miss Autocity!


I like these types of shot, sadly we were short of OP that day had couldn't cover that many creative shots but instead focused on usable shot our client wanted.

Most of the time Fumi and I were assigned to tag them although there were times we help relieved the stage team when they were resting. Though we got chewed out for always covering them XD.


I hate stage lights! They keep changing colors! throwing white balance off! I may have gotten a good shot but the colors can look like total crap! Hence the B&W here, if I still had my S5 pro it would have been able to handle it without any problems.


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