Super GT Roadshow at Autocity

By this time, I should be on my way up to Penang. Why? Isn’t it obvious? I’ll be in Penang for 2 reasons,

1. I’ll be OP for the Autocity roadshow.
2. I need some R&R. I haven’t been doing anything remotely fun for the pass 2 months and figure it was time for some and what better way than to go up to Penang and shoot some great photos!

For this year’s autocity roadshow, the Super GT ambassador is none other than Ayami Sasaki! Who some of you may remember was one of the 2 Super GT ambassador with Kotomi back in 2008! It appears she will be the only GT Ambassador this time!

Also, this will be an excellent opportunity to try out some Portra 400 I bought off Japan Exposure. So no photos at least still I come back from Penang.

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