Kodak Portra 160VC

I picked this up during a visit to Keat Cameras in Pudu a month ago for a bargain. It came in one of those 5 roll packs, it’s cheaper to buy them like that and it makes storage easier instead of individual boxes.

My test so far puts this film strictly as a portrait film although it can be used for landscape but you need to really know how to use lighting or else your shots are not going to turn out well. Portra is the other end of the spectrum when compared to Ektar it seems. Where shooting people using Ektar is a waste of a good landscape film, shooting landscape with Portra is an experiment like washing a car with a dishcloth, it can work but it sure as hell is not the best way to do it.

Trouble is, I thought with the moniker VC (vivid colors) this was something with higher saturations and hence suitable for landscape and tried to used it for landscape shooting. So my shots turned out weird….

Minolta CLE with 28mm

I call her Charlie.

Dilip Kumar, one of the India trainees in Cyprus.

This film has a blueish tint to it.

One good thing about Rangefinders, no one knows if you're photographing them.

my workstation during Cyprus, sometimes I'm tempted to throw that piece of windows crap out the real windows just to see it how big of a crash it would make.

Fleeting moments.....there is a funny story here, nearby the apartment where I was staying was an empty lot filled with beautiful flowers when I first arrived. I took some shot of it but felt I should come back some other time using my D700 but about one week later, someone had bulldozered the whole lot into a pulp and by the end of that week, a parking lot was now standing in it's place. It was so disheartening but not surprising, this is why I bring a camera with me all the time and take shots of things that look good else they may not be there the next time you come back. I'm glad I did take those shots even if they weren't the best. At least it shows that before the parking lot, there was something beautiful there before.

on my way up to Troodos mountain

The view up there was beautiful and I managed to find a secluded spot not usually found by other people, though I had to hike a bit to reach there. I knew I would find something there.

My fingers nearly froze because I had to take off my gloves to operate the camera. XD

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