Ilford HP5 plus 400 some of Pudu prison

Here is my next installment for HP5 I recently had developed. I only get all my film developed after a while. Due to the hassle of bringing them to the shop and then picking them up follow by scanning and editing. How many of you do your own b&w film development at home?

I know I can probably do the same thing and it’s not hard but since I’m staying with family for now still I can find a better place, I’ve decided to hold off doing my own development till then.

Though what I really want to do is have my own dark room and hand print my own photos but it’s still too cost prohibitive for me. I could just get a printer but I’ve always wanted to do it the old fashion way since it seems a lot more fun and you appreciate the artwork you produced as well as the work of other people who similar hand printed their own photos.

A shot of the pudu prison wall before they demolished it last year. Shot with Minolta CLE with M-Rokkor 40mm

More shot of Pudu prison wall, Minolta CLE with M-Rokkor 40mm

For those wondering, this is what the writing says "People are not important, Achievements are, as such history is lost." I think that is a more approximate meaning. It's actually poem that rhymes but the rhyme element is lost when translated. Shot with Minolta CLE with M-Rokkor 40mm

Another Pudu wall shot, shot with Minolta CLE with M-Rokkor 40mm

Pudu Prison with Minolta CLE with M-Rokkor

Minolta CLE with M-Rokkor 40mm

Basically the same message as the one above, "If we catch you bringing in drugs, then only death awaits you blah blah."

Pei san and Emily, here we are getting our final retrenchment check. Ian Mega and Jessie were the ones who gave it to us, our boss didn't even have the spine to come and give it to us, so he instead send his second in command but then I prefer them anyway as Ian and Jessie are good friends of mine and I hold nothing against them.

Ian Mega, who I heard was recalled back to Australia as Runge was trying to consolidate all their resources so they wouldn't have any problems closing down the KL branch if required.

Jessie, admin.

2 thoughts on “Ilford HP5 plus 400 some of Pudu prison

    • This was taken that time I got retrenched (I didn’t get retrenched again! This was LAST year) and was still looking for a job. But because of how Malaysian law works, we were all entitled to another month of pay because of the number of years we worked for the company.

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