Fujifilm Superia x-tra revisited

When I last used this film, I swore I would never used negative ever again until I came across Kodak Ektar 100. Which forced me to reevaluate whether or not color negative provide a cheaper and effective film solution aside from the more expensive and difficult to find slide film, I decided to look back again at the many roll I had cursed into the box of despair and see if all of the shots were shit. Most of the shots were actually good but the color and sharpness were completely shit, and I know it was not the gear or skill because at that very same shoot, I used slide and they turned out quite well. Hence my reluctance to use color negative ever since.

So I decided to rescan the same roll of film carefully this time and maximise all the details I could obtained from the film and some unsharp masking, see if I could wring out any usable shots at all. Sadly I could only wring out 2 “passable” shots. Though whether or not this will change my opinion about using Superia ever  the jury is still out on that one. But at least I know my scanning skill has improved if I could wring out something this time when compared to my previous efforts.

Some of you may remember this is from my Leng Yein shoot so pardon me if this bores you.

Though I have admit, the colors are much nicer this time around.

I have a similar one shot using Provia 400X and it turned out alright having to resort of plastic scanning surgery. Or maybe it was just my bad luck I used a roll that's gone back. But judging my the laws od statistics, I should have an even distribution set of bad and good rolls. So how come I keep getting the bad rolls?

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