Fujifilm Neopan (Presto) 400

I started shooting b&w with this film since I bought a batch from my first trip to Japan back in 2007. In Japan, it’s called Neopan Presto 400 while it’s just Neopan 400 every where else. I don’t think it’s a different film as there doesn’t seem to be any difference at all.  Anyway here are some of the latest shots using it.

Some of the shots I’ve posted previously as part of a composite photo so here are the non-composite version.

Taken with Nikon F4 with 50mm f/1.8

Leng Yein with Nikon F4 with 50mm f/1.8

Leng Yein, Using Nikon F4 with 50mm /f1.8

This shot is new, taken in downtowm Cyprus with my Minolta CLE

Again in Cyprus with Minolta CLE

One this I will say about Cyprus, it can be really dead at night... Taken with Minolta CLE using M-Rokkor 28mm

One thing Cyprus has plenty of though were cats, they were everywhere! Most of them were strays though and dead cats were not an uncommon sight due to car accident and cat fights. Taken with Minolta CLE with M-Rokkor 90mm

A back alley in downtown Cyprus. Taken with CLE, 40mm

View of the place behind my apartment complex in Cyprus.

At night in downtown Cyprus.

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