Kodak Ektar 100

First up, I finally had the opportunity to get some of this film which many have claimed to be the color negative answer to Fujifilm’s Slide velvia. So far though I not sure if this assertion is true or not as my test of this film have yet to yield nothing coming close to slide level though I’m not saying it’s rubbish at least until I can do some more test with this film. Though I will say one thing, the grain on this film is really good so far and the colors are actually very pleasing and avoids the one main problem I faced when using velvia and that is it’s use under artificial light. Ektar performance is much better so far from what I’ve seen.

Usually with film like Velvia, it would perform very weird as it’s strictly a daylight/landscape film.

Here the grains are a bit too strong due to sharpening I did so this is not a really good example of the grain for ektar but the purpose of this pic is to show how does Ektar rendition color and while I haven't done enough test with this film but I think it shows promise. I will update with future rolls of this film. This was shot using my Nikon F6 with Nikkor 17-35mm f/2.8

Now here is what I am talking about, under artificial light the film does pretty well and the colors are really pleasing. Als for this shot I didn't go overboard by over over sharpening and as you can see, the grains look alright. Shot with my Minolta cle using M-Rokkor 40mm

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