Busy busy busy!

To answer the main question, I’ve been really busy since I came back about 2 weeks ago on the 13th of April. As mandated by my training in Cyprus, I was required to do 3 assignments base on what I learned and each one had a very short deadline (3 days each with the last one given 5 days instead). For 2 weeks I was continually working on assignments one after another till I didn’t  have time to post up any photos yet of Cyprus.

I really hit the ground running on the day after I came back and have since been running. Though I’m glad to report I’ve completed my assignments (just like in the old days of Uni) I can now focus on scanning in the photos (film) and post them up soon.

Well my progress would have been faster if my imac hadn’t developed a screen problem but since I still had a few more months of warrant left on it, sent it off to the machine retail apple store. So for now I’m back to my old trusty macbook.

So stay tune for photos updates
as I rush to scan them into my computer!

3 thoughts on “Busy busy busy!

    • You said it, I’m still as busy as before and to make it worse, my imac is still not repaired yet!

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