Troodos mountains, Cyprus

Finally paid a visit to Troodos mountain. It was an early morning trip and definitely worth the experience. It was a cloudless days! Everything was just right! The only disappointment was I couldn’t stay til sunset.

Another first as well was that snow had formed the night before, not powdery kind though, more of the “gold fish food” type. But snow nonetheless and it was a bit fun to play with.

I think it was about 5 Celsius but wind chill factor brought it down to below freezing!  Fortunately I had prepared for such temperature after researching. Still it was cold and wished I had brought clothing more suited for winter.

Using film again hence why there aren’t any shots yet, one point thought, it was really hard to load a roll film while wearing gloves in such cold weather. I was there for only 4 hours but I think I managed to get some good shots. We’ll know once I have them developed. Even after coming back, the light was still so good I decided once again to go around Nicosia area and do some more shooting.

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