the story so far in Cyprus

Been shooting film…

I’ve been meaning to do more updates but because of training that hasn’t been possible and because of that, I’ve also had very little chance for any shooting. And any shooting I do is mostly with my minolta CLE which show far has been a gem to use since it doesn’t attract so much attention so taking shots is pretty easy without anyone knowing.

Yesterday (Friday was actually a public holiday hence a long weekend), I had original opt to join a group of the other trainees from India but I pulled out last minute when I wasn’t feeling too well.

Sure it would have been cheaper to go with them yesterday but feeling down and so fourth would not have been a good idea.

Anyway, I figure since I brought so many rolls of film it would be best I try to use them instead of bringing back unused.

So far, I’ve only explored the city of Nicosia and frankly I find it rather simple, nothing really stands out and it’s pretty run down and really old.

Hopefully with the money I’ve saved so far, I can rent the car myself or hire a driver with it and head up to troodoos myself next week.

Will let you know til then.

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