Cats, feline and early closure….

I have never seen so many cats before. Every house I pass by, at least 2 or 3 cats would be hanging out by the porch. Every building I pass by, I see about 4 or more.

What is this place? Cat central? Though not all of them are cute and cuddly and for the most part they’re rather mangy and weary of humans or at least strangers.

So far I haven’t gone anyway except work and back, though I can offer you this time. If you ever find yourself changing for Euro, DO NOT LET THEM GIVE YOU BIG DENOMINATIONS! Especially the Euro 500 because no one will ever accept them! I had to get it changed to smaller denominations at a bank! Else I would have been short on funds.

Another thing you should be aware about Cyprus is that they close early. At about 7:30pm, most shops are already closed so if you have plans to do anything, you’re out of luck. Only a few places would remain open especially eateries which makes sense. But I was hoping to check out the night life and sadly, unless I plan to go clubbing, I’m out of luck!

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