Currently in Dubai (Updated!)

Sorry folks, I left my card reader in checked in luggage so all I have for now is this low-res shot from my handphone. I'll update this entry later with more details about Dubai Airport. For now Sheepy here will keep you entertained. (Update: There are now more photos! Click on more!

I’m right now in Dubai for a 2 hour transit to Cyprus and this airport is HUGE! If I didn’t know otherwise I swear this airport occupies a few zip codes between where it begins and where it ends! The weather here is really nice and I wish I could go outside to take some shots but a last I’m only transferring so no such luck. Maybe I’ll plan my next personal vacation to come here again ^_^

New updates

Finally reached Cyrus and found that my place does have free Internet and it’s not restricted. Though it’s not as fast as I had hope but I’ll take what I can get.

Continuing after I landed at Dubai, the crowd was big as well. As you can see

Even though I was transferring to another place but we all had to go through security again which mean another huge long line.

But soon I was on my way though I spent a while just looking for a trolley for my backpack and I wasn't the only one.

It took me a little over 21 minutes just to get to my gate (142). I was worried it could have taken longer so I didn't stay long to do some window shopping.

Soon I was on my way to Cyprus and this time the fly would only be a little over 3 hours.  I soon met up with the drivers assigned to pick me up along with 5 other people from India and Pakistan who were also here for the same training.

Even though we were all here for the same training but I was allocated a different apartment complex all together by myself. I'm not saying I find anything wrong with this but I find it rather odd. Still regardless, this changes nothing.

Luckily a mini mart was nearby so I could get some basic provisions.

It's a 2 room apartment and this is the master bedroom.

The benefits of owning a wide angle lens is evident here

And here is the free Internet although it's not wireless.

Even though it’s only 6pm here but I’m already dead tired as Cyprus is about 6 hours behind Malaysian time and I didn’t get much sleep this time when I flew from KL to Dubai. So I’m going to call it a night now and hopefully be fully refreshed for tomorrow.

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