Undesirable turn of events


I do try to make an update when possible but recently I have been busy with work. So to answer the question, yes I’m still alive.

What is it about with this entry? What tragic event has befallen me this time? Well nothing serious actually but because of my new work, I would have to miss this year’s annual trip to Bangkok International Motor Show with Rojak Studio to attend company training at the end of this month. This training is essential to my work and cannot be defer……this was my reaction….


Alright enough melodrama! Sadly the company would not reimburse my flight tickets to Bangkok nor would Airasia entertain any request for even a partial refund of my money. Oh woe is me. I guess that’s how the cookie crumbles.

So that only leaves me with Super GT and AFA this year. After those I can consider the year over already,.

So yeah. Boring crappy shit.

5 thoughts on “Undesirable turn of events

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