Lunar new year. The rants of an ingrate Chinese

An AK-74, best crowd clearance weaponry pity I don't own one....

Like every year I will be returning to my hometown for the new lunar year AKA Chinese new year. The very journey itself is rather perilous due to the high volume of travelers at this time of the year. It can be sometimes equate to the mass migration animals in Africa, at least that’s the case for China. Though that doesn’t mean Malaysia is not without it’s problem.

Travel plans have to sometimes be made 6 months in advance to ensure a smooth journey home at a reasonable price. Though do you know what is the greatest and most horrible thing that one may encounter on such a journey?

  • Nay it is not the canceled flights.
  • Nay it is not the fickel weather that hampers thou’s quest.
  • Nay it is not the sickness that may strike you down!
  • But the horrible thought of sitting next to a crying baby for for the next 3 f**king hours! Given the choice, a car ride through a minefield would be a blessing! At least it is out of your control but with crying babies, one cannot do anything but bear with it! Oh please mighty forces of the void! Do not condemn me to such a horrible fate!

Now I know how Hannibel Lecter felt! The journey back for me, is equate to fighting my way through barrage of idiots! Especially the nitwits who do not know how to calm their babies!

So how long will I be there? A week. No doubt it would be nothing except meaningless visits to relatives whose names I don’t even bother to remember because of how insignificant they are to the schemes of things except for themselves. Almost all of them cannot remember mine as well so it evens out.

For my chinese compatriots,  I wish you a safe journey home. Especially my friends from my last companies Runge, Intel and Agilent. This is the time of the year I dread most, the journey back……

One thought on “Lunar new year. The rants of an ingrate Chinese

  1. Sitting next to crying babies is horrible, I’ve learned to always take ear plugs with me after my first experience with that.

    Lucky for me I live at home still, so I don’t have to travel anywhere.

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