Comic Fiesta 2010 (Cosplay report)

While Danny Choo was nowhere to be seen (except for his doppleganger Wisemen) we do have Mirai here.

Sadly, this will just be a cosplay report of this year’s Comic Fiesta 2010 at Berjaya Time Square (ballroom at the 14th floor) since I didn’t think of bringing a wide angle lens. Instead I just stuck with prime lenses.

A mistake I sorely regret since the event was surprisingly much better than I had anticipated when compared to other anime conventions I had been to around West Malaysia (hint, not low-keyed)

What makes this one better than all the rest I have seen is that fans were passionate about anime and its associated culture. Which is usually cast in a negative light in Malaysian media, so I hope this will drastically improve the anime fans’ reputation among the masses as not a bunch of raving porn addicts as indicated by people outside of the anime circle.

I was surprised when the MC announced that Danny Choo would be appearing on stage but if I recall, Danny Choo had made no recent mention of coming to Malaysia for any event. This was further confirmed that instead of the real deal Danny Choo, Wisemen AKA Danny Choo clone (authorized by Danny himself . hahahahahaah) was the one going to be on stage.

While all of this was going on, I was busy checking out the many doujin booth as well as figure booths by companies such as Figure mall.

As for me, I was busy checking out the cosplay. Though sadly I only opt for a one day pass since I would be unable to attend for Sunday so this cosplay report is only for Saturday and does not include anything that may have been shown on Sunday. (A choice I know I will regret since the last day of any anime convention is where people pull out all the stops).

Speaking of pulling out all the stops, I’ve noticed that while many laws were enacted to prevent too raunchy cosplay outfits but fans have been able to get away with some very beautiful outfits without running afoul at all of the rules though I noticed that there were some who did but didn’t have any trouble at all. Hopefully this trend keeps up and it will show that not all Malaysians are a bunch of stuck up pricks.

Though it does share one common complain with all anime conventions I’ve been to, the place is too dark. requiring the use of flash and with this number of people there, the chance to shoot many times are few in between. So please excuse if some of the shots are underexposed, place was really dark…..

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