Alter Kos-Mos swimsuit version 1/6

I know this is long overdue but I had some time recently so I decided to finally do a short photoshoot for this figure. I also decided to try something new by using skylight bulbs for this shoot along with my flash. In retrospect I should have gone with the old light tent I usually use. But heck it was a good learning experience.

Though after using this setup, I'll skip the flash next time. It was just too overpowering and it causes whacky color temperature that can really mess up the white balance.

one complain about this figure, why are the bangs so long? Its almost always covering her red eyes, so the only way I can get the in the photo is to shoot from low angles.

The quality of the figure is not as good as some of my recent figures but I do like the way they made the actual swimsuit that gives the impression of being able to be cast off if needed and that its made from a softer plastics than the actual body. The color and tone of the figure is alright.

The figures also comes along with 2 daggers which you can attached to her ankle (not shown here) but oddly, they only included one ankle holder for it. I can only speculate that one dagger is backup?

2 thoughts on “Alter Kos-Mos swimsuit version 1/6

  1. The quality looks pretty good to me, but maybe that’s just your photography skills at work. I’ve noticed some of my figures come with extra accessories too, I just keep them in the box unless I can find another figure that can use it.

    • Thanks, though the lighting work is pretty much messed up when I used it along with flash. You notice that most of the pics appear to be overexposed.

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