Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2010 Day 3!

rNope, that title is not a mistype. This article is for the third day of KLIMS 2010 which was a Sunday. Though this time the number of models were a lot more than Friday. Sadly nothing else has improved especially for the batmobile and bumblebee where a lot of people were cursing at the crap imitation.

A word of advice to people planning to go to this events. This is NOT  family event! Please don’t bring:

1. Your grandmother or any member of your family using a walker.
2. Your grandfather  or any member of your family using a wheelchair
3. Your 2 hour old baby child right from the bloody hospital along with your wife who just gave birth.
4. Children below the age of 14.

For crap sakes! If you still insist on bringing them along then leave the DSLR or camera behind because you cannot take photos while looking over your family.

Don’t delude yourselves and think that you can. You will lose something when you try. Either a chance at getting a good shot or worse, losing your child.

We saw numerous incidents at that day alone where children or old folks separated from their families because Daddy was too busy chasing after models.

Get either a babysitter or have your spouse look after your family while you come out and enjoy or something but DON’T bring them all together! The event is as crowded as it is already.

I could understand if it was a teenager son who isn’t an idiot. Or the father who is actually fitter than yourself. But why oh why do Malaysians want to bring everyone to an event clearly not family oriented?

3 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2010 Day 3!

  1. Maybe it was the other way around and the family tagged along to make sure the father didn’t do anything he’d regret 🙂

    Lots of hot girls, thanks for the pics.

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