Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2010 Day 1!

The Yellow Camero! AKA BUMBLEBEE! Sadly the 1:1 scale robot there was piss poor when compared to the car. If anyone is going to see the transformer robot version, be prepare to be VERY disappointed. You're better off just admiring the car instead.

So how did the first day of KLIMS 2010 went? It went well, in fact better than I expected. It still haven’t reached the level of other international car shows yet but eventually it will if it continues the steady pace of improvements, I heard from a few friends I met there who had attended the last one in 2008 (KLIMS is held every 2 years) and they were very impressed with so far. But then this is just day 1….

Though I can’t comment on these improvements since this is my first time attending the event but I do like the fact they obviously didn’t let the moralists dictate what they can and cannot show (though it looked like they did go through the proton booth). Still its a lot better than I expected especially how they handled the huge crowd, Pikom could learn a thing or 2 from them.

The show is separated into 4 exhibition halls, each one catering to different numbers of vendors

  • Hall 1
    Caters to Perodua and Proton (along with lotus) primarily though there are smaller vendor.
  • Hall 2
    Caters more to the international car makers such as Isuzu, Chevolet and etc. This is where the camero and bumblebee are located.
  • Hall 3
    Mainly to Harley Davidson and Peugeot. There is another floor above that hall but I’m not sure if its considered to be part of hall 3 or is another separate hall by itself, that floor supposedly has the batmobile. Sadly its nothing more than a cheap styrofoam mockup of the tumbler….Its not even up to scale. So fans of Batman, be prepared to be VERY disappointed….as for Batman, -_-;; no, don’t bother……. The whole booth there is a complete mockery of the Batman franchise as well as the mythos. Pretend its not there, it might as well be…
  • Hall 4 or 5?
    Totally owned by Toyota, Honda and Lexus and in my opinion, well decked out! For fanboys, I suggest checking out the Prius! Makes me wish I could afford one!

Traffic to PWTC was as usual abysmal!! Looking for parking is even worse! I suggest that you park at Berjaya time Square and then take the monorail to PWTC. It would be a lot easier and cheaper!

Okay, I can hear some of you already saying “Enough stalling with blah blah! Where are the booth babes?!” So yeah this is what I meant when I said that it seemed like the moralists were not in control (except for the proton booth).

Some of you might find familiar faces manning the booths. Here we have Rose Chin, ever so lovely~~

One cautionary word of advice, bring your flash and use it well...The event like all events held in a huge convention here is poorly lit, shooting without some sort of flash is extremely difficult. The whole place for a photographer is not bright enough and I'm using full frame here. You can push it really high but you risk losing too much detail to noise, though if flash power is too high, you risk creating harsh shadows and blown out details... Tread carefully.

Though harsh shadows isn't all that bad. Just have to find out how to make use of them.

While it seems Honda went with some very interesting outfits though not as amazing as the next one XD

More photos tomorrow.....seeya

4 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2010 Day 1!

  1. I see the Bumblebee Camero all the time on transport trucks (since it’s constructed here in Ontario). Seen a couple on the road too – I think it looks a little silly, not as “cool” as I thought it’d be. It’s a nice looking car, but I think a normal Camero without the Autobots badge looks better.

    Nice shots of the car models, lighting came out pretty good. Forgot my flash when I went to the recent auto shows and a lot of the model photos came out blurry. But then again, I guess it’s not that bad since most of the models we have at our import car shows look like cheap hookers. The main auto show that we have, CIAS, usually don’t have models at all – it’s really different compared to the shows they have in Asia.

    • that’s is awesome, you get to see them fresh off the assembly line. We only get to see them in car shows. Well the flash is not that fun to play. I prefer to use natural light but that car show was ridiculous, the lighting was constantly working against us…

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