Asuka Sohryu Langley Maid version by Kotobukiya 1/7

Today I'll be reviewing one of my purchases from AFA X. I had been looking for this Asuka for a while now when I came by it during AFA X. This is the original red maid outfit version which I feel was a lot better than the yellow outfit that was later released as a special limited edition. As it keeps in line with the Asuka's fiery temper. The yellow one felt like it lacked the associate of the outfit with the personality of the wearer.

it looked like this one had been left on the shelf for a while now due to the tear and wear on the box but otherwise it had never been opened and its doesn't appear to be a second hand product, the shopkeeper at AFA X even offered it for SGD90. So I quickly snatched it up else I would again missed the chance in getting it. Moving on, the details for this figure are as expected from the maker even down to the laces on the maid skirt. I expected nothing less from Kotobukiya whose figure design I simply adore! Definitely worth the money.

Though one annoying cavet, the teapot and the cupcake took a bit of effort to get it just right. Otherwise this is a fine maid rendition of Asuka.

It also some with a very plain white base and its needed in order for her to stand upright. Its also the base on which the Rei version is supposed to be seated on. Unfortunately I don't have that version....yet



4 thoughts on “Asuka Sohryu Langley Maid version by Kotobukiya 1/7

  1. I haven’t seen this Asuka figure before, but it sounds like you got her for a pretty good price. Her maid outfit looks nice, and I like how detailed the cake is.

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