AFA X 2010 Singapore Day 3

Date: 14th November 2010

Here we are again with the report for day 3, I should have taken a Monday off that way I wouldn’t be in such a rush.

Anyway, we were only planning to attend the Regional Cosplay Championship for a short while then continue our way checking more cosplayers. So we paid a nice visit to Kinokuniya at Takashimaya.

Though due to my fault, I thought they would be opening at 9:30am, we arrived 9am. So we kinda wasted our time instead just checking out the surrounding location.

But anyway let’s skip to the Cosplay championship

I’ll be honest I never like taking photos at event unless I have a media pass. Shooting photos behind a barrier really limits your choice of angles. Please excuse my lack of photos for this event today.

Here we have a member of the Malaysian team.

Here we have a member of Team Thailand


Here we have team Philippine, there were 2 more teams, team Singapore and team Indonesia but I was not getting any good shot from where I was I just decided to stop taking photos and leave after the Garo performance by Indonesia. For those wondering, team Thailand won.

There were a number of other events but we mostly stuck to just taking photos of cosplay and doing some shopping for bargains on figures….okay okay, it was just me bargain hunting hahahaahahah.

This concludes the final day. Rather low keyed on my end but none of the other events that day interested us that much. So we just focused more on the cosplayer instead.

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