AFA X 2010 Singapore Day 2

Date: 13th November 2010

Saturday…..the second day of AFA X…..if I had to describe how did this day go I guess it could best be summed up in 1 word, it would be “AWESOME!”

After CrossChannel finally arrived last night, we all decided to turn in for the night without delay as both of us were dead tired. Although the next morning I found him diligently working on his notebook @_@…..

I had initially wanted to update about the event at night but the internet at the hotel was total crap, it was nothing like what I had heard about from people who had reviewed about the hotel and it was not cheap either, SGD 5 for 2 hours of Internet connection. It was a total ripoff!

We both quickly made our way to Suntech convention hall thinking we would be early and the crowd wouldn’t be too big, oh how wrong we both were >_<

I cannot emphasized how long the line was, it extended down to the level below.

Though some people didn't need to queue up like Linkin who came in on a media pass. Lucky guy!

But we managed to get our tickets quickly, CrossChannel decided to buy a standing ticket for the concert that night instead of the regular ticket so he wouldn't have to wait in the long lines. It was more expensive but definitely worth avoiding the hassle. As for me, I bought the VIP pass :P....

Inside Akiba town. It was packed wall to wall!

We spotted the mirai chan itashi car~~~

There were lots and lots of fun stuff to do....

Here we have the School days cafe, I previously mentioned I wanted to try it out.....

till I saw the rules, No video, no photography, no getting contact details, no getting close to the maids, no etc etc etc. Oh well we decided to spend our time else where....

After that, we just strolled around looking for cosplayers. Here we have Nanoha!

But if there is anything constant in the anime universe, if there is Nanoha, then Fate is not far behind~~~~

I forgot what anime is this character from. Ika something?

Moving on, we came by the figure display area and boy there were a lot of fine pieces on display! Wanted to take a hammer to the glass and steal all of them!!!


Mazin KENSAN!!!!!! This one was not in a glass cabinet but because of its awesomeness, I couldn't even get close XD

Soon we made our way to the Main stage for the Culture:Japan presentation as well as JAM projects meet the fans session.

and here we have the Danny Choo giving the presentation for Culture:Japan which will be showing on Animax next month!! Funny....I always thought Danny Choo would have a deeper voice. He was a barrel of laughs and Culure:Japan was hilarious!! Especially the Ninja bit XD. Another funny part was when his macbookpro hanged before the start of the presentation and he made a comment about going back to Window, NOOOO Danny don't go back to Windows! That crap is even worse!!

Next we had Danny Choo presenting Milky Holmes! I have to admit all the girls were real cute!! They talked about the seiyus and details about the anime along with a soon to be released PSP game.

They also gave a spectacular performance for the anime's opening theme. Their dance routine was good especially for Sherlock (the one in red or pinkish!)


Then it was JAM Project along with Ichirou Mizuki AKA "ANIKI" to roaring chorus of fans!!!!!!!! GAAARRRRRRR!!! (Ahem.....) JAM project talked about their first experience in Singapore and then went on to talk about how they were going to have some performance with Aniki tonight as a special for fans (YES YES YES ! JAM Project x 10!!!!!). Fans were ecstatic when they heard that part!!! All that and tonight!!! GAAARRRRRR (ahem, pardon me)

Finally it was the special Q and A sessions with Kana Hanazawa as well as a live dubbing by her. I have to admit, she was really good!

Unfortunately, like the Chihara Minori session I worked on back in Daicon 2009, no video or photography allowed. To the disappointment of fans booing...

After that, we then went for another round of photos before exiting the hall..

Mirai chan, for those of you who don't know, she is the anime character designed by Danny Choo as his mascot for his website.

It was a rather tiring morning and I couldn't take any photos during the JAM project concert but needless to say the concert was awesome! It was like being at the end of the world and you felt like you could take on the monsters that were about to come TRY to end the world!!! Okay enough of that, I know some of you are now asking where are the cosplays?! "We don't want to see your pathetic and boring report about day 1, we want to see the cute girls!!!!" Yes yes, I agree but there were many cosplayers just that day, I am going to have to do a separate report about it. So stay tuned!!!

3 thoughts on “AFA X 2010 Singapore Day 2

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  2. AFA looks soooo much cooler than the conventions we have here. All we get are some poorly dressed cosplayers, anime viewings, and bootleg items.

    The girl with the blue hair is the squid girl from Shinryaku! Ika Musume. I’m so jealous you got to see Kana Hanazawa.

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