AFA X 2010 Singapore Day 2 (Cosplay report!)

Alright! Time for the cosplay report as promised! While the morning was exciting and fun but there was so many cosplayers and really GOOD ones, that I had to do a special article on them!

For those who just want the report about the event, go here

All these cosplay photos are shown in no particular order or bias or anything, just the ones I felt were really good. I'll try to include their contacts as well. 😛 We spent hours looking for these cosplayers, I think we burned off a few pounds just walking! Suntech convention hall was amazing! Aside from AFA, it was also hosting a number of other events on the same day! But because the place was so big, none of them clashed! Also note, I may repeat post some of the images from that day's report

One thing I would like to complain though, the hall they opened up for cosplay shooting was absolutely horrible, it was dark and there was little to no place to bounce the light from our flash to soften the shadows. Some people had came prepared and had special studio lights set up for the shoot. Is this how its done every year? Had I known this I would have brought my own portable CLS to do these shoots. I mean look at it, it may look bright in the photo but in actual it was dark and using flash may not be the best idea if you can't diffuse it properly. But nevertheless, we tried our best to get the shots we wanted

Could someone please tell me from which anime or game is the character she is cosplayer from?

And with that concludes, cosplay report for day 2….more to come later!!

9 thoughts on “AFA X 2010 Singapore Day 2 (Cosplay report!)

  1. well those are pretty high quality photos you got there. So is that all for day2? my day3 collection have hell lots of cosplayer but only some i think are really really good (my album part1, last2 photo)

    if you need help in the room 404, do inform me, free to lend a hand (unless there are so much great things outside, i will run around the 3rd floor)

  2. “Could someone please tell me from which anime or game is the character she is cosplayer from?”

    From Chrome Shelled Regios light novel turned anime, character is Felli Loss.

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